Friday, 3 October 2014

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Episode 13: Andy McKee


Welcome to episode 13 of Things You Can Hear With Your Ears! We hope that life is well.

This episode features a favourite artist of ours, Andy McKee. You may remember the youtube craze over him a few years back over his song "Drifting". We hope you enjoy.

Dave starts off the show by playing a song by an old friend, Calum Graham. Dave follows this song with a classic from none other than Andy McKee himself. To end off his set, Dave recycles the artist Josh Garrels (you may remember him from past episodes) to end his set off.

Middle segment: Mad Libs. That's all I have to say.

Brandon finishes off the show by playing three of his favourites. He starts his set by playing a song by Mike Dawes. Next, he plays one of his favourites by the amazing Andy Mckee. Finally, Brandon ends the night/morning/afternoon (but actually night for us because we recorded it during the night time) off with a song by Ben Lapps. ENJOY.

Coming soon: Business Cards. Be ready.


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