Thursday, 11 September 2014

Episode 12: Foreign Languages

15:00 Dave
Hello all,

Welcome to Episode 12 of TYCHWYE! For those of you who are starting back at school this September, we hope you have a great semester! And hey, those of you kicking around the University of Alberta, come say hello to Dave and Brandon! (ETLC or NREF are safe bets for finding us)

Alright, let's get into it. Episode 12 is all about foreign languages - Well, I should really say different language. The purpose of this episode is to explore music from different nations or just music with lyrics from language other than English.

Brandon starts his set off with playing a song from David's favourite band ALL TIME. Actually though, his actual favourite band all time - Sigur Rós. Next, Brandon shakes things up with a super funky song by Cœur de pirate. Finally, Brandon finishes his set with a French rap song from Soulkast.

During this episode's middle segment, David and Brandon take you back to your childhood, or 
youth-hood, or young adult-hood (depending on how old you are) and discuss things they wish
 would come back into style/use.

Next, David plays his three picks. The first song played was from Sigur Rós' front man, Jónsi. Next, 
Dave plays what ends up being voted (by Dave and Brandon) as the best song ever played on 
TYCHWYE up to this date. We'll let you listen to find out who it's by.. or you can just look below. 
Finally, David finishes off his set by playing a song written by Sigur Rós, covered by We Are Scientists.

In other news, TYCHWYE now owns ... so that's exciting! 
You no longer have to type in an exhaustively long URL to get to the website!