Monday, 11 August 2014

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Episode 11: Darren Antonio

Hey everyone, it's Episode 11 of Things You Can Hear With Your Ears!
This episode we're featuring the newly released music of Dave's old boss, Darren Antonio! Dave started out by playing his pick from the album, a very Radiohead-esque tune, then followed up with the maybe popular Evermore and finished strong with the Grapes of Wrath (the band, not the novel).
For the middle segment, Brandon and Dave let you know the Things You've Been Doing Wrong and enlighten you on how to make your life better.

Brandon's turn then came around, where he too celebrated Darren Antonio with a song from the album. He then worked through some alone time before playing a Sam Flax song and ending on the ever-Australian band The Perishers. Enjoy!

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