Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Episode 3: Imogen Heap

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It's Episode 3 of Things You Can Hear With Your Ears! After almost two weeks of technical issues, conflicting schedules and the ever-looming finals season, we've finally found (read: made) the time to bring you another healthy amount of Dave and Brandon.

This week, Brandon comes out swinging with another one of his favourite artists, Imogen Heap, and subsequently Dave comes out swinging with the uncalled-for calling outs. We then move on to some great study music from Koan Sound and Asa from their recent Sanctuary EP, and finish off the first half with Imogen Heap's side project, Frou Frou. All while drinking Dave's delicious hot chocolate.

After a lot of positive feedback from the first episode, we're bringing you more interactive hijinks in the middle segment! We send Dane and Braedon to the field to ask university-goers some questions. They bring the answers back to us, we listen to those, and swap out the original questions for our own, in a game we like to call The Question You Thought You Were Answering But Wasn't Actually the Question You Were Answering Because We Swapped It Out With A Different Question. The results are nothing short of misleading.

Finally we get to Dave's half of the show, where we start with a melancholy rap tune by Beautiful Eulogy. Then Dave lightens it up with the ever-happy-sounding and often underrated Owl City, and we ramble for a little too long before ending with a selection from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack by Enya.

This episode is a little longer than the last, but trust me, it's worth it. Also noteworthy, subscribe to us in iTunes using the link below.

Happy listening!

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